lockpicking plugin

Lockpicking [MV, MZ]



Lockpicking mini-game with various locks styles and difficulty

Actual version

1.0 (25.01.2021)


  • TES IV Oblivion style lockpicking mini-game

  • Support various locks styles, highly customazible

  • You can create locks with different lock items count

  • Flexible difficulty setting for each lock item

  • Easy to use, "plug and play"

How to Use

Watch video for better understand how plugin working and what can do

All actual plugin instructions and commands are listed in the plugin help section

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Plugin Versions

  • Basic
  • Patreon
Exta features Basic
Exta features
Or 5$/mo Patreon tier
Maximum locks profiles3Unlimited
Maximum lock items4Unlimited
Use in commercial projects

If you buy plugin you get plugin with commercial license and access to all future plugin updates (you receive a special link and when new update is come out, just download plugin again by received link)



If you subscribe on Patreon you will have access to last plugin update, but for access to future updates you should keep subscription. If you cancel subscription you still can use your last plugin version in commercial projects. Also with subscription you support me to developing more plugins and updates. 

Terms of Use

Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution, Share Alike, Non-Commercial
(Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, cc by-nc-sa)


 You can use plugin in non-commercial project for free 
Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution, Share Alike
(Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, cc by-sa)


 You can use plugin in non-commercial and commercial projects 


Basic Version. Plugin contains .js file and images