Pocket Events plugin

? Pocket Events. Update 1.4. Changelog


  • Added plugin parameter Allowed Only Regions to Draggable events
  • Added Forbidden and Allowed Tarrain Tags for Pocket Events and Draggable events
  • Now plugin have one .js file for both RPG Maker MV and MZ
  • Draggable Common Events now handles as local commands (you can use self swithes)
  • Added plugin parameter On Returned CE to Draggable events
  • Added plugin parameter On Start CE to Draggable events
  • Added plugin parameter Timer to Placement Items (pocket events)

  • Added script calls:
    • PE_Place (PlacementItemID, RemoveItemID);
    • PE_PickUpByItem (PlacementItemID, GainItemID);
    • PE_PickUpByEvent (GainItemID);
    • PE_LastEventId();
    • PE_LastEventRegion();
    • PE_LastEventTerrain();
    • PE_LastEvent();
    • PE_ForceStopTimer (eventID, mapID);
    • PE_PE_ForceCompleteTimer (eventID, mapID);

(More information about new script calls in plugin Help section)