IconSet Wizard


IconSet Wizard

RPG Maker IconSet creation software

Actual version

1.1 (29.10.2021) + Tool (20.05.2022)


  • Include 2000+ free to use icons library

  • Editing tools (rotate, scale, moving, change color ting (hue))

  • Can open any size images (.png recommended) and auto-resize them to 32x32 format

  • Many extra icons library packages

  • Edit any Icon on IconSet or add new icons

  • Just Drag and Drop image for create a new Icon

  • Package Creator - create your own packages from images or another iconsets

How to Use

Watch YouTube video for quick start

Install extra packages: move .iwpk file in [IconSet Wizard folder]\packages\

💬 Need help, have a questions: Join Discord Server (500+ people)

Terms of Use

You can use iconsets with icons from IconSet Wizard library in commercial and non commercial  RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ projects. 

Special thanks to The Infamous Bon Bon (for most icons in library)

Icons in extra packages were purchased by me. Can be used in commercial and non commercial  RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ projects. Extra packages icons can’t be used like separate images outside IconSet Wizard. Downloading package you agree with this terms!


Windows only (7, 8, 10) Archive contains tool and default library icon packages

Extra Icon Packages