? Performance Boost

This page will tell you how to gain some performance when using AABS, so your game is more playable on most devices. This page was dedicated to those who have a problem when running AABS on mobile/non-powerful PC devices.

  • Get / Upgrade AABS to build 1210 (because there’s a fix and optimization in this build)
    For those who use the public build, you can use an extension made by one of the AABS Tester (SMO_Valadorn) that fix the performance issue in the older build yet adding new functionality to the current AABS Plugin
  • Upgrade NWJS to the newest version
  • Upgrade Pixi (haven’t tested yet)
  • Adjust some parameter that can give you some performance boost :
    • Turn ON the Performance Skill Panel parameter (⚠️ Only for build 1210 and higher)
    • Turn OFF the Advanced Pathfinding parameter
    • Higher value for AI Think Interval parameter (Optional)
    • Turn OFF the Auto Refresh parameter for Inventory and Skill (Optional)

  • Lowering the file size of the image file with a tool such as TinyPNG
  • Lowering the file size of the audio file
  • Preload the game assets

Author: Zekkent