? AABS Z. Sneak peek into. Animation. MV?

Working on Alpha ABS Z. From time to time, I will share some of the features and differences of the new system.

Today we little talk about new characters Animation system.

For Alpha ABS Z a new animation system was written from scratch taking into account the your suggestions and problems of previous systems (Motion System and Motion System 2). 

Idle animations

When your character is not moving, you can play idle animation. Optional.

Different states (animation sets)

AABS have two main animation states – walking (weapon unarmed) and in-battle (armed). Walking state is required, in-battle is optional. Quick switch during game.


  • Attack

  • Defense

  • Customs

Create your custom animation actions with very flexible settings: only one direction, different frame counts, frames repeating, waiting finishing, interrupts with character moving

8 – way movement “from box” 

AABSZ at start will support 8 direction movement, optional

8 – way movement extended

Supports 8 directions isometric animations, but files not included with AABSZ

Animation files structure *

Each frame – is different file .png file, sprite sheets not supported. Simple naming rules.

* folder structure may be changed before first Beta release

Reid hero starting pack

Thanks to my friend and very good pixel artist Ekaterina Stadnikova AABS Z will include Reid animations and some enemies, you can use them in your games.


  • Idle animations
  • No frame count limit
  • Actions
  • Animations for map events
  • Animations for character
  • Animated visual equipment system (in development, almost done)
  • Flexible settings in plugin parameters for each animation
  • Quick animations states (sets) change during game

What about Alpha ABS Z and RPG Maker MV?

It’s not easy to create a new ABS system from scratch and still make updates for AABS MV. It takes a long time. Thanks to Your support, I have time and the quality of the AABS Z is much higher (also all my experience with developing AABS taking into account). AABS Z is very good and i thinking to porting it to MV too if people will be liked it. Anyway, i will continue developing updates for AABS MV.

* All this stuff in development and something may change

See you in the next “Sneak peek into” post about Alpha ABS Z