? AABS Z. Sneak peek into. Some Visuals on Map

There has been no news on the development of AABS Z for a long time, the big update of 1230 took a long time, as well as the transfer of Alpha NET to MZ. But work on AABS Z is actively underway. Today I will show you what elements of AABS have been changed, and something new.

Target Selection on Map

In AABS Z you can customize selection for each enemy vie ABS Parameters. You can set offset, image, color, visibility. All selections have little flick animation (option too)

HP gauges on map

Same with HP gauges for enemies, you can set style and offset for each enemy. You can create many styles view Plugin Parameters.

As in AABS, there are three display options. Always, never, and only for selected target. Also, the display mode can be changed directly in the game, via the uAPI script call.

New Items PopUp’s System

AABS Z have new items pick up pop up’s system. It’s work in two modes.

First mode, above player, when it receive something

Second mode, above event (or enemy) from player receive items

New PopUp’s system is very customizable via Plugin Parameters

Some new experimental features

Map scrolling when mouse on window edges

I implement scroll map feature, that allows you see enemies around, AABS – it’s active battle system and see how many enemies on map and where there are it’s will be helpful.

It’s optional and in experimental mode now. Still thinking add this feature or not.

Using Effekseer animations as image for ABS:1 (projectile) skills

ABS:1 (vector) skill with animation from database instead of image. Look’s nice, but this still is experimental feature

* All this stuff in development and something may change

See you in the next “Sneak peek into” post about Alpha ABS Z