? AABS Z. Sneak peek into. UI

Working on Alpha ABS Z. From time to time, I will share some of the features and differences of the new system. 

Today we little talk about new UI.

* screenshot – sketch, not final variant

Lightweight and faster…

As you can see, the UI of AABS Z is different. It has become simpler and easier. But it has not lost its flexibility and customization. The main changes affected the code. In Alpha ABS, there was a problem that the interface lowered FPS on low-end PC’s and mobile devices. I rewrite all the basic elements from scratch, making them easier and more productive. The AABZ interface should works 50% or more faster than in Alpha ABS.

Edit all default UI elements in Plugin Parameters

Almost all interface elements will be customizable via the plugin parameters with flexible settings.

uAPI for UI elements, control during game via script calls

Using special uAPI script calls you can change UI elements during game. Like, you change main character and want hide MP gauge and show TP, end etc.

Custom UI elements

In plugin parameters you can add own UI elements. And control them during game with uAPI

* some example of custom character interface, that you can easily create via plugin parameters

And…yes, in-game UI Editor is back

You can allow player edit UI in game or using this tool for easy get x,y for own UI elements when design game


  • Support custom UI elements editing
  • You can prohibit editing any UI element (like Reid bust on gif)
  • Grid and snapping
  • Cursor X,Y, any element X,Y, easy to setup positions for UI elements in plugin parameters
  • Drag and Drop

* All this stuff in development and something may change

 See you in the next “Sneak peek into” post about Alpha ABS Z