? Activate and Deactivate Enemies

In Alpha ABS you can create enemy that will be inactive at start (no AI, just simple RPG Maker event you can interact with), then when you need it, you can activate it.

For example: you want create bandit and speak with him first, and if your dialogue going wrong, then just attack bandit

Create NoActive ABS Event on Map

You need create ABS event on map for enemy like always, but with minimum three pages

1) First page – it’s page where enemy is not has AI
Put comment <noActive:A> – where A – self.switch with active enemy page

2) Second event page – page for active enemy
This page should be with Self Switch that you set in <noActive>

3) Third event page – page for dead enemy
This page should be with Self Switch B (by default is B dead switch)

Activate ABS Event

This is couple of way to Activate Enemy:

1) Use plugin command ABS activate in ABS event itself, to activate it
2) Use script call this.activateE() in ABS event itself, to activate it

Activate event from another event (or common event):
3) Use plugin command ABS activate NAME – where NAME – event name that should be
4) Use script call uAPI.activateE(ID); – where ID – event id that should be activated

Deactivate ABS Event

:warning: You can deactivate only events that support deactivation – events that were initially deactivated and then activated. Only they can be deactivated again

1) Plugin command ABS deactivate
2) Plugin command ABS deactivate NAME
3) Script call this.deactivateE();
4) Script call uAPI.deactivateE(ID);