Alpha ABS PRO vs Basic

Only Alpha ABS PRO features

Feature Description Wiki
Mini HP bars Customizable. You can set different HP gauge for any enemy
Custom Fonts Just put font file (.ttf) in ? fonts, then use them in any ABS UI elements
Custom UI Buttons Create any full functional button on screen, you can set common event or script call on it Link
Map Inventory Visual (configurable) inventory window on map (ABS and NON-ABS) Link
Visual Chests Link
Custom UI styles for states Link
New skill description window Link
Visual Equipment Link
Hints for Events Link
Mini message for Events Link
Custom Damage PopUp's Link
Fog of War Link
Full Gamepad support Link
Second Battle System On NON ABS maps you can start standard MV battle system or use third party battle system plugins Link
Enemy Vision Link
Enemies Editor Link
Extra Target Info Link
Map Skill Window Link
Map Status Window Link
Links in Messages Link

To get access to the PRO version, you can join the Patreon or purchase the commercial license