? Alpha ABS. Update 1174. What’s new?

Main features:

1) Visual Loot

Optional (by plugin parameter)

2) Teleport ability for enemies

Enemies can use teleport for quickly reduce the distance with target

Or quickly increase the distance

You can set teleport type (to target or out from target, or both), max distance and cooldown time for each enemy

3) Enemies can support each other in battle (power up or healing skills)  

You can create ABS skills for enemies with scope “1 Ally” and setup using Conditions in “Action Patterns” (in database).

Combining support skills and teleport ability, with new build 1174 you can create a really tough monsters

4) Absorb barrier for Player 

5) Improved Solid Regions

Now, <noTarget:1>, <ABS:1> skills no longer ignoring obstacles

6) Lite Mobile UI (experimental)

Many plugin users complain that on not power PCs and mobile devices drops FPS.

In build 1174 you can use special plugin parameter and turn ON new Lite UI

7) New useful for creating a quests uAPI commands ( for enemies and player storage (inventory system))