? Alpha ABS. Update 1194. Whats new?


Most of the work done in this build was to improve and fix the new party system. 

Added two new small features to make it easier for you to create quests

Of course, map inventory was updated to version 1.2, now you can change the equipment for party members. 

And hide unnecessary categories.

Plugin parameter Preview Target? Just hover enemy by mouse for see information about him

Plugin parameter Tilt when Jumping? Add small and nice character sprite tilt when jumping (you can set this tilt to dashing too -> plugin parameter Tilt when Dashing?)

Full Changelog

Documentation for new features: 

Updated documentation

How hideedit map inventory categories https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Map-Inventory#how-hide-certain-category


Build have new images!

New .JSON files:

  • ExtraTargetInfos .json 

Modified .JSON files: 

  • EventsHints.json (optional)
  • UIElements.json
  • UIActorPortrait.json
  • UIMapInventory.json

Download link will be soon (in separate post), now build is on last testing.