? Alpha ABS. Update 1198. What’s new?


  • Map Skills Window

Fast binding to the Skills Panel or use directly from the skills window

Supports party members

  • Map Inventory updated to 1.3.1

  • YEP_FreeGridDoodads plugin support
  • SumRndmDde Character Creator EX plugin support

Improvements to Party System

Party members now know how to heal themselves (using healing skills). In battle and in not.

Summon unit can be transferred on another ABS map with player

 See new  plugin parameter  “Keep Summon Unit When Transfer?”

Skills with scope “1 Ally” now will be applied on the User anyway if hostile target is selected


Now you can use skills like Heal during battle and don’t need clear target first

Full Changelog


Documentation for new features: 

Updated documentation

Map Inventory weight system:  https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Map-Inventory#weight-system 

 Download link will be soon (in separate post), now build is on last testing.