? Alpha ABS. Update 1200. What’s new?


  •  In-Game Enemies Editor

Useful tool to edit ABS Parameters for enemies and test it immediately

 Wiki Page: https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Enemies-Editor  


  • Map Inventory updated to 1.4.1

Items quality system, improved weight system, overweight auto-state, slow down when overweight

Wiki page:  https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Map-Inventory#items-quality-system 

  • Visual Chests that can store only special item types

Create chests where the player can only store certain items (or multiple item types), like ammunition chest, armor chest or food chest

Wiki page: https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Visual-Chests-System#how-create-chest-only-for-certain-items-types 

  • Improved <impulse:X> skills 

No more stuck in walls, jumps out of map and Solid regions are taken into account

  • Common Event Call When Party member is down 

  • Enemies now can properly use Vector AOE skills

<ABS:1> with <radius:X> (X > 1)

Full Changelog

  Download link will be soon (in separate post), now build is on last testing.