? Alpha ABS. Update 1210. What’s new?


  • Map Status Window 

See plugin parameter: “Map Status Window?”

Default key to open “p”, you can change in KeyBinding.json

Map Status window is feature in preview mode, this means not all functions and features are implemented yet, there are limitations. Like equipment directly from status window, will be in next update.

More information: https://github.com/KageDesu/Alpha-ABS/wiki/Map-Status-Window 

  • Map Inventory updated to 1.5

Equipment’s stats tables

Added “Chests item drop chance” system from Map Inventory 1.6

Just add comment “chance:X” before item, where X – from 1 to 99 in %

  • Performance and optimizations

Standard ABS Skill panel will be optimized, thanks SMO_Valadorn for helping

Added more lightweight skill panel version for low-end PC’s or mobile devices, see new plugin parameter “Performance Skill Panel”

ABS by default using advanced heavy and smart pathfinding (plugin parameter “Use advanced pathfinding?”), but in build 1210 default MV pathfinding is improved, and now you can turn OFF advanced one and gain some extra performance. Recommended for mobile and low-end PC’s.

  • Teleporting skill for player

Teleport skill settings from gif above you can use them as example

Based on <ABS:2> skill type, parameter <teleport:1> is required.

  • New experimental features 

Plugin parameter “Game Pause” – allows you pausing game when player open any map window (inventory, skills, status) 

Plugin parameter “Use diagonal movement?” – 8-way diagonal movement for player

(temporary solution, not supporting diagonal animations, waiting for new animation system from AABSZ)

* experimental – it works, but it hasn’t been fully tested in various aspects, so there may be bugs and glitches during game 


Full Changelog

Download link will be in separate post.