? Alpha ABS. Update 1236. What’s new?


Update 1236 is technical update with many bug fixes and some useful plugin tunes.

  • Improvements to Map scrolling
    Added extra plugin parameters

  • Improvements to AnimaX Animation System
    AnimaX system updated to standalone versions 1.0
  • Added visual equipment feature (extra layers)
  • AnimaX animations for events (not only for AI enemies, but for default events too)
  • Plugin commands to control player and events animations and layers (change player animation, play some animation action, add or remove layers)

  • Improvements to diagonal movement system
    AI enemies and party members now support diagonal movement

  • New ABS parameters for Skill
    <freeDirection:1> – only for <ABS:1>, <noTarget:1> skills. Projectile will shoot at cursor position (in any direction)

Full Changelog