? Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.7.5 What’s new?

New ABS parameters for Enemies

<turnAction:A> – you can setup script action that will be called every second. It’s allows you check some conditions and make some dynamic enemy behaviour during game. Like transform enemy to another or spawn help when enemy HP is low.

<turnActionInBattle:A> – same as above, but script action will be called only if this enemy in battle state (have target to fight with).

<label:S> – you can mark your enemy for easy finding it on map for different script calls or conditions checking.

Added special uAPI scripts for this purposes:

See more information on Wiki -> uAPI (script calls)

New ABS parameters for Skills

<repeat:X> – now your skill action can be repeated X times. It’s analog of repeats parameter from Skill database settings, but for ABS skills.

<repeatDelay:X> – delay (in milliseconds) between skill repeats. Optional.

<usabelIfState:X> – skill will be allowed to use only if user have certain state X (id) (affected by state). For example you can have powerful skill but allow use it only if player affected by Rage state.

<usableIfTargetState:X> – similar, but skill will be affect target if target have certain state X (affected by state). For example you can create special freeze skill that can be used only on some enemies that have "wet by water" state on them.

New to ABS States

New ABS parameter for states: <speedMod:X> – you can create state that will modify character moving speed.
For example <speedMod:0.5> decrease moving speed by half.

Now you can create ABS states that restricts character movement (like stun effect)


Added states display for Enemies

Added states icons above character (optional)


Extra Events Commands (script calls), see wiki page

Fixed bug: The attack skill was not replaced with a new one on the skill panel when changing weapons with an alternative attack skill

Fixed bug: Spawning enemies outside map borders