alpha abs z

? Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.7 What’s new?


  • Added Spawn Points System

You can create and configurate spawn point that will be spawn enemies depends on own settings
By spawn point can be any Event (ABS enemies too)

I updated Demo project and added Map with some useful examples


  • Added Active States System

Added new ABS parameters to States <activeSkill:X>

Now state can execute ABS skill with certain rate.

Not only player character can use active states, but enemies too.

Example you can find in Demo project -> Active State map.


  • Add Event Locator System

You can make an event to perform a certain action when a certain target is in the detection area

It’s allows you create defense towers, traps, events that became a enemies when "see" player and etc.

Locators can be added to any events and to ABS enemies

Examples you can find in Demo Project, map Locator


  • Added new ABS Parameters for Skills


This two new parameters allows you setup how many targets can skill affect at same time and how
exactly select targets (random, far or nearest targets).

Detailed description and how to use on ABS Skill settings page.

  • Overlay animations for States

States now support [SV] Overlay animations

  • Added new uAPI script calls
    Now you can call Script Actions directly from Events

    uAPI.scriptAction(ACTION, CHAR, DELAY)

Added skill using callbacks that can be useful making complex skills chains (like combos)


More information and how use them you can find here: uAPI documentation

Examples you can find in updated Demo project.