alpha abs z

? Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.8.5 What’s new?

Map Encounters

You can spawn enemies on certain areas using default RPG Maker Map Encounters configuration
Feature from Alpha ABS (mv)

Demo project have map with example
Documentation: Map Encounters Wiki

Extra Animation

You can set simple framed sprite animation to skill (if you not like work with Effekseer)

Animation file example:

Demo project have map with example

Or use script call: uAPI. to play such animation on map
uAPI.playExtraAnimation(X, Y, FILENAME, SE, OX, OY);


  • Added new option for display Mini HP gauge on map methods Is for damaged only?
    Shown gauge only if enemy have < 100% HP (Thanks to Ryan Ye)

  • Added new ABS parameter for Weapons: <attackSkill:X>
    This way mostly for RPG Maker MV, because MV not have Attack Skill trait, but works in MZ as well

  • New uAPI script call: getSpawnEnemiesAlive();
    Returns spawned and alive enemies count (Thanks to Habib)

  • Fixed bug with AnimaX
    When you change event page to page with same animation name, animation is no longer reset (Thanks to Habib)