alpha abs z

? Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.8.6 What’s new?

Extended (dynamic) ABS parameters

Now you can setup values for parameters not just in static numbers, but as values from variables (and more…)

This way allows you change skill or enemy parameter dynamically in game changing variable value.
For example enemy will have parameter <teamId:20|V>. It’s mean that enemy team ID stored in variable 20. And in game, depends on situation you can easily make enemy on your side or otherwise.

There are skills ABS parameters that support extended values:

radius range speed
reloadTime targetLimit repeat
repeatOnUse repeatDelay usableIfState
usableIfTargetState impulse pierce

There are enemies ABS parameters that support extended values:

returnRadius viewRadius heavy
teamId noMoveInBattle noApproach

More about extended parameters and how use them here: Extended Values

Level Up visuals

Turn ON Plugin Parameter Is Use Custom LevelUp? and setup cool visual effect when your
character is leveling up.
You can setup popup text, animation from database, sprite sheet animation. Also you can call common event after or call SAction.
Or combine all this at once.

Experience gauge

For activate and setup Exp Gauge, see EXP Gauge Settings plugin parameter.


New ABS parameter for skills that allows you implement knockback effect

  • <impulse:E> – Where E impulse power in map cells

  • <impulseRandom:Z> If 1 – knockback in random direction
  • <impulseJump:Z> – If 1 – character will jump on knockback instead of moving


New ABS parameter for projectile skills that allows you implement piercing effect

  • <pierce:E> – pierce X targets on the way

  • <pierceContinues:Z> – pierce same targets if projectile still in target (low fly speed)


  • New uAPI script call: setSpawnEnemyAnimation(ID);
    Setup animation for on all spawned enemy (Thanks to Habib)

  • Fixed bug with event Map Scroll command
    Bug: If ABS map scrolling enabled you got infinite loop in RPG Maker MV, and not loop at all in MZ

  • Fixed bug with PvE multiplayer mode
    Bug: Even in PvE you still can hit another player

  • Fixed bug with mini HP Gauge display mode
    Bug: Game crush if you kill enemy in Is for damage only display mode (Thanks to Habib)

  • Since update 0.8.6 next Alpha ABS Z basic version will support UI configuration from Plugin Parameters