alpha abs z

Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.8.7 What’s new?

Screen Effect when Low HP

You can activate a special screen effect (BloodSplatter Effect) when a player’s health drops below a certain level

Feature from Alpha ABS (mv)

Have parameters:


Extended vision shapes for Enemies

You can set triangle zone vision for any enemy
It’s allow you create a stealth gameplay elements in your game.

Feature from Alpha ABS (mv)


Global skills: projectiles

You can execute projectile ABS skills via script calls from default game events or from any map point.


Custom Pop Up’s

You can add custom Pop Up’s via script calls (above character, above map point, on screen)


Improved DOT’s (damage over time) states

Now ABS parameter <activeSkill:X, X, X> can be applied directly on state’s owner
(in previous version state only searching for targets around owner)

Example of healing over time:

Example of damage (burning) over time:


Explosive skills

Area damage around target in X radius. Skill can damage targets in certain radius when it’s hitted target or execute another AASkill on all targets in radius.

Example with execute another AA skill:

Example with simple damage:


Multi Projectiles

Now you can create skills that shoot multi projectiles

4 sides:




Reverse Impulse

New ABS parameter for skills: <impulseReversed:1> allows you not to push away, but to bring enemies closer to you


Homing Projectiles (auto target lock)

New ABS parameter for skills: <homingProjectile:1> will make your skill follow target

It’s pick target under your cursor or find nearest target itself



  • Modified uAPI script call: uAPI.pauseABS();
    Now it’s saves state of ABS system and not turn in again when you change map

  • Fixed bug with player death in multiplayer mode
    Bug: When player is die in multiplayer mode On Death Event not started for him