Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.8.9 What’s new?

AI for Party Members

With update 0.8.9 Alpha ABS Z got first version of party AI system. It’s still not complete at 100% and not flawless, but works. The new party AI system gives more control and parameters for configuring the behavior of allies than it was in Alpha ABS (mv).

Documentation here: ABS Party Members Settings


  • New plugin parameter Diagonal Movement for AI? in Controls Settings group. You can disable diagonal movement only for ABS events (enemies) and save some game performance.

  • Fixed bug: error with Blood Splatter Effect (when only image is disabled)
  • Fixed bug: default Map Encounters spawn animation is missing
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the enemies AI logic worked incorrectly after loading the save
  • Fixed bug: Primary Attack mode not works (option for LMB target touch)
  • Sligtly improved enemies diagonal movement optimization