Alpha ABS for RPG maker mv

? Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.8 What’s new?

RPG Maker MV support

Start with version 0.8 Alpha ABS Z can work in RPG Maker MV. One .js file for both version of RPG Maker.

Added Demo project for RPG Maker MV.

PvP with Alpha NET Z (multiplayer) plugin

Now you can set Game Mode plugin parameter to PvP and you will be allowed attack other players

You can setup common event that will be called when someone kills someone. For get
information about player that kills client character added uAPI script call uAPI.getWhoKillMeInPvP(). More info you found on AABSZ Wiki.

New ABS parameters for Skills

<repeatOnUse:X> – now you can repeat skill using (starting) X times.


  • New uAPI script call (from Alpha ABS (mv)) uAPI: gainHpForBattler() – allows you deal damage to enemies directly. It’s very helpful for custom damage formulas or skills that using common events for attack effects.

  • Enemy spawning now auto synched in multiplayer [Alpha NET Z plugin]

  • Added notetag <vectorOffset:X> for characters (Actors). You can made offset for projectile skills start point for bigger or smaller characters (graphics)

  • Fixed bug with skill attack area selection zone: when you not select zone by mouse click but activate another skill, selection zone is not gone.

  • Fixed issue with VisuMZ_BattleCore plugin: damage PopUp text is not shown