Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.9.1 What’s new?

Dodge ability

By pressing the dodge key, the player makes a dodge action, at this time he can move through enemies and is also invulnerable to any attacks.

Set Is Allow Dodge? plugin parameter to true

If your character is using AnimaX, you should also add Dodge animation action

Improved Projectiles hit animation precision

Added new plugin parameter: More precise animations

Before (if parameter is off)

(animation played on character origin point only)

After (if parameter is ON)

(animation played on certain hit point)

Heavy equipment

Added notetag for equipments <aaHeavy> – disable impulse effect on character, when item is equipped


  • Improved performance when enemies try to find a path to a player character surrounded by enemies

  • Added new Actor’s Notetag <defaultSecondarySkill:ID> (you can setup skill in secondary attack slot at start)

  • New ABS parameter for projectile Skills: noRotationImage (if you want create projectiles that always looking in one direciton)

  • Improved ABS parameter for projectile Skills: multiProjectile:4, now you can add custom directions, use new ABS parameter customProjDirs:X,X..... More information and examples on Wiki page.


  • Fixed bug: AnimaX .webp format loading not works properly with Alpha ABS Z
  • Fixed bug: Enemies visions stay visible, after they died
  • Fixed bug: Active States don’t work on dublicated/copied events
  • Many other small fixes

:warning: WARNING. Alpha ABS Z have issues with AnimaX 1.3 Spritesheets feature, recommended wait for AnimaX update 1.3.1 before use spritesheet feature in your game.