Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.9.2 What’s new?

Custom Gauges

New plugin parameter Custom Gagues allows you create own gauges and then add them (show, hide) during game via script calls

For example, it’s can be used for make some boss HP gauge for fight or show some variable values

You can bind gauge to enemy, any event or screen. You can make gauge global (will be visible on any map). Gauge can read values from enemy (HP rate) or any variable.

Use next script calls:

  • uAPI.removeVariableCustomGauge(VARIABLE_ID);
  • uAPI.removeEnemyCustomGauge(ENEMY_EVENT_ID);

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Auto Battle BGM

New plugin parameter Battle Auto BGM allows you setup default sound when player engage in any fight.

The feature of this mode is that the music playing earlier (default map BGM) will be replays from the previous position (not from start again),
which allows you to create a smooth music change

You can specify battle music for any map via notetag <battleAutoBgm:NAME>

Or you can manually start (stop) music for certain battle via script calls:

uAPI.playBattleBgm(NAME, DELAY);

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New Plugin Parameters

Two parameters for better tune plugin performance:

  • AI Think Interval
  • AI Vision Interval

  • How gain Exp? – now party members can receive EXP from enemies as well, you can choose how exactly it will be


  • The Player Only – player only always will gets EXP
  • For all – EXP will be given for all (in same amount!)
  • For all divided – EXP will be divided by party members count and given for all
  • One who kill – Whoever kills the enemy gets EXP

New ABS parameters for enemies

  • <notAgressive:1> – the enemy will not attack anyone until he himself is attacked, by default is 0 (attack as see)

  • <damagePopUpYOffset:X> – damage popup offset by Y (negative value -> higher above enemy head)


  • added Mobile Controls 1.3 plugin support
  • improved enemy pathfinding, reduces lags when enemies can’t find a path to target
  • enemies now can change target during battle depends who attacks enemy last
  • fixed bug when enemy dead switch not works in network game
  • fixed bug with experience in network game (now player who kills enemy will receive EXP)
  • new script call uAPI.makePlayerDodge(IS_FORCE) – make player dodge action (if player can now) or forced (without any check)
  • many other small changes, fixes and improvements