Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.9.3 What’s new?

Extended Collisions System

Added an alternative collision handling system for Projectiles

See plugin parameter: Is Use Extended Collisions?

Click -> More information and guide

Currently, the system only works on Projectile, but in the future it will also be used in determining damage by area and enemy vision. And with the next update, Projectile itself will receive an improved flight algorithm that is not tied to the map grid.

New ABS Parameters for skills

  • fixProjWithCharDir:1 (1 by default now) – fix multiple projectile direction with character direction

  • keepOutScreen:0 (0 by default now) – projectile will continue fly when out of screen

New ABS parameters for enemies

  • activeOutOfScreen:0 – Process the logic of the enemy AI if it is off-screen. (0 by default now). Previously, the AI of enemies always worked, but now, it will be disabled by default in this update if the enemy is out of the screen. Which should greatly save performance on large maps. This parameter handle only enemy AI no combat logic state. If the enemy is in battle with plyaer, then his logic is always processed as before.

New Plugin Parameters

  • Added caption text settings for Custom Gauges


  • Skills/Items Selector Window customization -> check file data/AABSZ/SkillItemSelectorWindowSettings.json

  • ABS Enemy Configurate plugin command is UPDATED, added new parameters (only for MZ)

  • Fixed bug: Uses AnimaX 1.3 – the first animation after the map change is slow

  • Fixed bug: If you change party leader with the ABS turned off, it turned ON automatically

  • Fixed bug: After the player revive (removed death state), the party members did not fight anymore

  • Many other small changes