Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.9.4 What’s new?

Skills casting

Now you can set the time to prepare the skill (casting). AnimaX Action animation is supported (optional).

To add and configure casting, add new ABS Skill parameters.:

  • castingTime
  • castingAnimation
  • castingDelayWhenHit
  • castingStopWhenHit
  • onCastingStartCE
  • onCastingCompletedCE
  • onCastingAbortedCE
  • castingRotation
  • castingSE

Information about these parameters can be found on the WIKI page:
ABS Skills Settings

Casting progress gauge is NUI element and can be modified by editing data\AABSZ\NUI_PlayerCastingProgressBar.json file. Also the casting progress gauge are scales automatically with game resolution.

Important note: Enemies and Player are support Casting. Party AI not yet support casting in this update, will be later.

New pathfinding for Enemies AI

Completely changed the pathfinding algorithm for AI enemies. The algorithm was tested on a 140 x 100 map with 50 enemy events and diagonal movement enabled for enemies. FPS was stable at 60.

Added new ABS Enemy parameter:

  • smartPathRefreshTime – you can flexible change AI time between move path calculations. If the enemy is slower, it is recommended to set a large value, if it is faster. This way, you can save extra performance. But it’s optional.

MZ3D official support

Big thanks to Cantux and Cutievirus.

Alpha ABS now works much better with MZ3D, not sure for 100%, but important stuff like
AnimaX, Touch Controls, Projectiles, Visual Loot, PopUps, Area Selection, Skills animations are working now.

Also added some Plugin Parameters for configure MZ3D


  • Added full (99%) Chinese translation
  • Improved SAN Analog Move plugin support
  • Many small changes in code and some bug fixes