Alpha ABS Z. Update 0.9. What’s new?

Weapon Extensions

You can create weapons that can load into itself different items as extension for Attack skill.
It’s can be used as powerup for weapon or as ammunition (like arrows for Bow)



Sword that can use multiple target damage extension and fire extension


Different types of arrows for Bow


Heavy: (knockback target)


⚠️ All this examples you can find in Demo Project

Documentation (how use and setup) here

Multiplayer changes

  • Added Active States support for multiplayer game
  • You can enable or disable PvP mode anytime you want in game, using new script calls:
    uAPI.setPvPMode() and uAPI.setPvEMode()
  • Now you can assign team ID for players, using new script call:
    (read this documentation for more information and examples)

Changes for Skills

  • <actionStartDelay:X> removed 60 frames limit, but 60 frames still recommended as max
  • added new ABS parameter <onDone:S> – execute Script Action (relative skill user) when skill is end’s

Changes for States

  • Added new notetag <svOverlay:NAME> for use custom image as state overlay

New Script Actions

Information what is Script Action

  • Added new Script Action: ax_Name_EVID, for play AnimaX action for Event or Character

  • Added new Script Action: as_STATE_EVID, for add State (by ID) to Event (ABS) or Character


  • Fixed critical bug: Area of the screen above the player character (by 2 cells up), not pressable (for movement), error of the collission with hidden UI element
  • Fixed bug: Party Members could pass through objects and obstacles when returning to the player
  • Fixed bug: Active states not works correct with party members