Alpha NET Z. Update 0.8.1. What’s new?

New Plugin Parameters

  • New Plugin Parameter: Allow Quick Connection? (for developers only)

Only for developers and game testing purposes.
Quick way to get into game from Title Screen, not need create (join) room.
Just Press C button in one and then on second clients and game starts automatically.

  • New Plugin Parameter: Is Custom Start?

You can set different game start maps for different Actors.
For setup where Actors will starts game, add to Actor’s Note
(DIR – (direction) is optional, can be 2,4,6,8)

Example: <nCustomStart:10,20,30>

  • New Plugin Parameter: Players Collisions

If this parameter is ON, network characters (players) can’t walk through each others

New feature: move towards network character

You can set Event to move toward any network character, using script call this.moveTowardNetworkChar(ID) in Event movement route

Where ID can be: aX or pX
If a (actor), then X – actor ID
If p (player), then X – player index

For example: a1 – follow the player who plays as Actor with ID 1
p1 – follow the second player (player with index 2)


  • Fixed critical bug: Autorun events not works with Event Start Options and Event Command Options

  • Fixed critical bug: Parallel events is very laggy, now parallel events is local only, but you can sync event commands inside, using Event Command Options

  • Fixed critical bug: Game crush after you try save network game more then once (when using Custom Game ID)

  • Fixed bug: If start Network menu from singleplayer game (uning API call: nAPI.startNetworkGameScene()) and close it game will be broken (and still connected to server)

  • Fixed bug: Network scene menu option Settings not using localization from Plugin Parameters