Alpha NET Z. Update 0.8.2. What’s new?

New Plugin Parameters

  • End when the host is disconnected?

By default, the one who created the room is the host, and if he turns off the game (or the connection with him is lost), the game stops for everyone. If End when the host is disconnected? parameter is set to false, the host will be transferred to another player. (⚠️ Experimental ) And game continues.

  • New plugin parameter: Add Network command?

New Script calls

  • nAPI.setWaitWhenTransfer(true|false) – same as plugin parameter Wait Map Transfer?, but you can change it dynamically durting game.

For advanced users and developers:

  • nAPI.setupAutoSyncPropertyForCharacter(FIELD_NAME, isADD);
  • nAPI.setupAutoSyncPropertyForBattler(FIELD_NAME, isADD);

These methods are needed so that you can make auto-synchronization of any additional data (variables, fields) of the character (or actor) if, for example, you use third-party plugins. For example, you are using a plugin that adds a new field (weight) to all characters and you want this variable to synchronize over the network.


nAPI.setupAutoSyncPropertyForCharacter("_characterImage", true); // add field _characterImage for autosynchronization  
nAPI.setupAutoSyncPropertyForBattler("weight", false); // remove (previously added) field weight from autosynchronizatoin  


  • Fixed bug: Players Collisions plugin parameter not works
  • Fixed bug: Not all NPC Movement-Routes are updated when the "map master" is too far away
  • Fixed bug: Change Image command in Event Route not been synchronized
  • Fixed bug: Custom Start not works when Actor Selection parameter is ON


Server code is updated, Alpha NET Z 0.8.2 require dedicated server version 116+


Other small fixes and changes