? ANET Z. Sneak peek into. Connection and Server

Alpha NET Z – it’s a new version of Alpha NET plugin, focused on the new RPG Maker MZ engine, but will also work with MV

While developing this plugin, I set a goal to fix two main issues of the first version of the plugin. The first is the complexity of the connection via IP and the built-in server. The second is a support of ABS.

Today, I will talk about solution for first issue – connection and server. We talk about the features of the Alpha NET Z server architecture and show you how easy it is to get into the game with your friend using new plugin.

Dedicated server

Alpha NET Z (ANETZ) using dedicated Node.js server. You don’t need start game client to start server. And it’s mean you can crate multiplayer mobile games.

But hosting own server in cloud with dedicated constant IP it’s not easy thing (and in almost cases not free). So, i hosted global server for ANETZ by my own. You don’t need to worry when you developing and testing your game about server and IP addresses at all.

Easy connection process

When you plug Alpha NET Z plugin, you will see new Network menu

When you press enter you automatically will connect to global server, not need setup IP or other, and will see networking menu

Set name of your room and crate it

Also, you can change your network name (in settings menu)

When you create room you will be in Room menu

Your friend should click Join Room and will see all rooms on server

Each room have information: engine, gamemode, game title, room name, players count and room status

When your friend chose proper (your) room and connect, you will see your friend in room players list

When your friend will be ready, you can Start the game

ANETZ still in development and many things (like menus appear) can be changed.

More Information about Alpha NET Z itself (plugin commands, gamemodes, game structure, limitations and etc) in next month (March). First Beta version will be also in March.

See you in the next “Sneak peek into” post about Alpha NET Z