Map Inventory. Technical update 2.8. Changelog.

New Plugin Parameters

  • Open SE and Close SE – custom sound effect for open and close Map Inventory
  • Open SE as custom party selector appear sound, see Allow Party Selector? group

New Script Calls

Now you can change party members for Party Selector during game, for allow or disallow player to manage party members equipment

  • PKD_MI.addForbiddenActorForPartySelector(ACTOR_ID);
  • PKD_MI.removeForbiddenActorForPartySelector(ACTOR_ID);

Bug fixes

  • Fixed game crash if you save the game and then load (in some cases, depends on third-party plugins)
  • Fixed crash if you go to the menu and then start a new game (in some cases, depends on third-party plugins)
  • Draggable items are now on top of other UI elements (from third-party plugins)
  • Incorrect display of the stats for an already equipped item
  • When using the alternative stats option, a custom background for weapons and armor was not shown (description background)
  • Hot Cells: an item that cannot be equipped now was highlighted as available.


  • Some changes in code that will improve compatiblity with other plugins

For developers

Added script calls that allows you show Map Inventory description window for any game item where you want (on any scene). You can use this
in your plugins or for compatibility. More information you will find in Plugin Help section.

  • PKD_MI.showExternalItemDescriptionWindowFor(ITEM, X, Y, APPEAR_SPEED);
  • PKD_MI.closeExternalDescriptionWindow();