? Map Inventory. Update 2.0. What’s new?

Gamepad support

Now Map Inventory supports gamepad control.
You should go in Plugin Parameters and set parameter Is Use Gamepad? to true

In future updates will be added opportunity to change key bindings

SP and EX parameters for equipment

Extra descriptions for equipment

You can add addition formatted description to equipment items (weapons and armors).
First you should add description text in Plugin Parameter Extra Descriptions


Switch stats and descriptions by Mouse Wheel or X gamepad key

Item name matching Quality System level

Item Quality System should be ON
See new Plugin Parameter Items names with quality colors?

Fixed sticky window bug (dragging)

Now when you dragging one window it’s not sticks to another opened window

Added compatibility* for:

  • Alpha ABS Z active battle system plugin
  • Alpha NET Z multiplayer plugin

*Basic compatibility – not all futures works yet


  • Fixed game crush when you try Battle Test from RPG Maker editor
  • Added script calls for show and hide Map Inventory whole UI (hot items and windows)
  • Small fixes and improvements