? Map Inventory. Update 2.2. What’s new?

Custom categories

In version 2.2 you can create own categories and assign items for this categories.

How to do it:

Set new Plugin Parameter Use new categories system? to TRUE

And then edit and add categories you want via Plugin Parameter Categories

In Database for Items (weapons \ armors) use <iCat:NAME> Note tag for assign item to certain category

Pick Item for Events

Now you can select Item direct from Inventory if you added Select Item event command.

How to do it:

Set new Plugin Parameter Is use for Select Item? to TRUE

Event example:


  • Fixed bug: open Inventory (by pressing I key or screen button) is not allowed anymore if Chest is been opened first (from Event).
  • Добавлен Русский язык (частично) \ Added Russian translation

Thanks to my Boosty subscriber Raffle for ordering the implementation of most of the new features.