? Map Inventory. Update 2.3. What’s new?

Extra Options Menu

You can add extra buttons to Map Inventory window. Each button can have own images, condition and call common event on click.

New Plugin Parameters

  • Forbidden Actors – you can exclude certain characters from the Map Inventory Party Selector (for example, pets or quest characters), when you try use some item, weapon, equipment


  • Custom categories now supports Limited Cells System as well
  • Hot Items now have description
  • Last used item in Map Inventory now registred and can used via Last Used Item ID. Or script call $gameParty.lastItem()
  • New Note’s for Items, Weapons and Armors: <iOnlyForActor:X> – now you can make sure that only a certain character can use a weapon, equipment or item (without choosing a character via Party Selector)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed bug: Control characters in item name and description
  • Fixed bug: RPG Maker MV, plugin command VisualChestStored NAME not change chest name for first time
  • Fixed bug: Player can buy items in shop even if not have free cells for new items (if using Limited Cells System)

New Script Calls

  • Extended Select Item event command
    Now you can select weapons and armor from Map Inventory with new script calls: MI_SetSelectModeW() and MI_SetSelectModeA()


  • Description for Loot Window (Extended Loot plugin)
    Optional. Added description for items in Loot Window if you using Extended Loot plugin