map inventory level requirements

? Map Inventory. Update 2.4. What’s new?

Alternative Descriptions

With update 2.4 you can made one big description window instead using mouse scroll to switch between different equipment stats windows. You can setup description window height and what’s to show.

Equipment level requirements

Now you can create equipment that can only be equipped starting from a certain level

map inventory level requirements

New Plugin Parameters

  • Open CE – call commen event when Map Inventory is opening
  • Close CE – … when is closing
  • Is Not close on ESC – disable ESC key closing, for example if you have own key binding in game
  • Pause game on open? – pause whole game when Map Inventory is opened

  • Drop Out CE – common event called when you drop something from Inventory

New Items\Weapons\Armors Notetags

For equipment only:
<lvReq:X> – equip level requirements
For all items and equipment:
<invDescH:X> – change description window height (in px) for this item
<invDescW:X> – change description window width for this item

New Script Calls

MI_SetThrowOut(true|false); – disable or enable ability to throw out items from Inventory
MI_DroppedId(); – returns last dropped item ID

Fixed bugs

  • Hot Cells not change items count color back to normal (from red) when items count will be again > 0