? Map Inventory. Update 2.5. What’s new?

Hot cells groups (tabs)

In update 2.5 you can create hot cells groups and switch between them in game

For add and setup groups see Extra Groups plugin parameter

Also behaviour when you drag hot cells items on each other been changed, now it exchange
items, not duplicate them

Dynamic Equipment Item Stats

Added alternative way for show equipment stats. Turn ON Dynamic Stats Plugin Parameter and now only stats that affects by equipment will be visible.

You can change stats icons and text positions

Alternative Items Select Mode

With update 2.5 you can start Map Inventory in Select Item mode.
In this mode when you click on some Item\Weapon\Armor ID will be stored
in certain variable and then certain common event will be called (optional).

For this purposes been added two script calls:
MISelectItemToVariable(type, variableId, commonEventId)

More information about this script calls and arguments you find in Help section.