Map Inventory. Update 2.7. What’s new?

New Plugin Parameters

  • Equipped items still have weight (If false, item weight don’t counts if someone equipped this item)

  • Show short stats text? (More compact items states, only states that item gain or have)

  • Description background (you can set image as background for description window. Also you can set different image per Item, see Notetags below)

  • Disabled Cell SE (play some SE sound when player click on disabled (not available) cell)

  • Quality Icon per Tier? (you can also use different quality levels icons per each quality level)

  • Quality image below? (quality level images below item icons, as backgrounds)

  • Show Use Only Actors? (if you using <> notetag, you can show image of Actor who can equip or use item)

  • Show Who is Equip? (extra images for actors who already equipped item)

  • Visual Settings (for Party Selector)

  • Only IconSet icon? (you can force using icon from IconSet for item equipped to HotCell if item have iImg:Name notetag)

  • Custom Hot Cell Icon Size (you can set custom icon size for Hot Cells, not depends on Inventory cells size settings)

New Notetags

  • <notForHotCell> – you can’t place item with this notetag to Hot Cell

  • <invDescBackImg:NAME> – custom background image for description window, where NAME – .png filename from img\pMapInventory folder


  • Fixed bug: total weight sometimes display very long unnecessary numbers like 1.0000001

  • Fixes and improvements for Hot Cells system