Phone Menu. Update 0.8.5. What’s new?

Gallery App

How add Gallery App to Phone (if you update plugin version and don’t want reset Plugin Parameters):
1) Use script call Phone.AddApp("galleryApp");
2) Add galleryApp as default App in Plugin Parameter Default Apps

3) If you want change settings, add new item to App Plugin parameter and setup as you want

Load messages body from map Events

Added new plugin Parameter: Messages Map ID
You can create special Map with events with messages body and use them instead of Common Events. For saving Common Events count.


  • Added script call: Phone.ChangeMessageWallpaper("NAME") – now you can change wallpaper images for Messages app as well

  • Added script call: Phone.ChangeGalleryWallpaper("NAME") – and for Gallery App

  • New Plugin Parameter: Messages Style – you can edit messages visual look

  • Fixed bug: Last message (when scroll down) is hidden by "Back" button