Phone Menu. Update 0.9. What’s new?

Modal Menu (choice and messages)

Added new script calls:

Phone.ShowModalMenu("TITLE TEXT", ID, FromMap?); – Show modal menu from event body choices

You can use it from any event or create new App

Phone.ShowModalMessage("TITLE TEXT", "BUTTON TITLE"); – Show simple modal message with single button

Example: Phone.ShowModalMessage("Game is saved!", "OK");

Phone.ShowModalQuestion("TITLE TEXT", "BUTTON 1 TITLE", BUTTON_1_ACTION, "BUTTON 2 TITLE", BUTTON_2_ACTION); -Show simple modal choice with 2 buttons and actions for them (common event or script call)

Example: Phone.ShowModalQuestion("Load autosave?", "Yes", 1, "No", "console.log(‘canceled’)");

Gallery App update

Added new plugin parameters for Gallery App

Now you can keep aspect ratio for images in gallery

And zoom any image on full game screen

Messages App update

Added support for \V[n] \N[n] \P[n] \G control codes in messages


Demo project is updated, added new features examples