Phone Menu. Update 1.0. (out of Beta). What’s new?

Custom Apps

With update 1.0 plugin no more in Beta stage. And you got new cool feature, that allows
you create own Apps for Phone Menu.

You can add next elements:

  • Pictures
  • Gauges (progress bars)
  • Sliders (for modify variable values)
  • Buttons
  • Switches (for change switches state)
  • Text (control characters, like icons and variables values are supported as well)

Each element have parameter Enabled Switch that allows you dynamically show elements and Priority – allows bring important elements to top of others.

How create custom App (guide)

1) Open Plugin Parameter, parameter Custom Apps Data. Create new Custom App Data and
fill all values. Set unique id to ID field, change background (Background field, optional) and add different elements to your App screen via Elemenets group.

2) Create Common Event to start our Custom Data App. In common Event add script call Phone.StartApp('ID'); (ID – your custom app ID)
Example: Phone.StartApp('myCustomApp');

3) Create New App for your custom data. Plugin Parameter Apps. Create a new App, set same ID as you using in your custom app. In field Common Event set created common event for start your custom App (2). Setup other fields, like Icon, Name as you want.

4) Add App to Phone Apps List. You can add your app ID to Plugin Parameter Default Apps or add it later in game, using script call Phone.AddApp('ID');

Example: Phone.AddApp('myCustomApp');

PRO version of plugin contains Demo project with Custom App example.