Phone Menu. Update 1.3. What’s new?

Auto Background for messages

If background image have _X in name, then image of the message will be automatically selected depending on the number of lines in the message

Wait for next message

It is now supported to wait for the next message if there is a WAIT command in event body before. Also, you can specify the name of who is writing the message, and then you will see the "X is writing…". The label text can be changed via plugin parameter Wait Next Message Text.

For specify name use comment waitFor:NAME, be default used messages sender name (chat name)

Videos in gallery

Added support for videos for gallery (requires VPlayer 1.5+ PRO plugin)

Gallery picture now have new parameter GIF. You can set .webm file name from movies folder

New plugin parameters

  • Common Event for Gallery pictures. You can setup common event that will be started when the player opens an image in the gallery

  • Custom Position for Phone App. You can setup custom (off-grid) position for certain App.

  • Is save last config? for new messaging system. You can keep last config and msgExtraImage comments for all next messages

Keyboard/Gamepad controls improvements

Now it supports moving along all axes, as well as saving the selection of the last open application.


Phone.Hide(); script call called in common event that runs inside Phone App, will close Phone and continue event body execution on map scene.