Phone Menu. Update 1.4. What’s new?

New App – Shop

See Shop App Plugin Parameter

Based on NUI (see below)…
For customization, edit files in folder data/PKD_PhoneMenu/ShopApp/...
Guide for NUI will be later, but it’s intuitive there

Updated App – Gallery

Based on NUI
For customization, edit files in folder data/PKD_PhoneMenu/GalleryApp/...

New Plugin Parameters

  • Is play click effect? – play wobble animation when click on App? Now you can disable animation if you don’t need it.


  • Fixed bug: incorrectly selecting an APP with the keyboard if other APP was under the mouse cursor.

  • Fuxed bug: The Сhoices in the Messages App did not work correctly

  • A new system for building UI has been introduced (NUI). Shop and updated Gallery APPs are based on it. RPG Maker MV, some effects may not work, such as the shadow (from images).

  • With future update all Apps will be updated, using NUI system

NUI – a new system for building the plugin interface based on the scheme from .JSON file. The main features of NUI are full customization for you (not only coordinate changes, but also the removal or addition of new components, change components types and data bindings) and resolution independence (elements can be suits to any game resolution).