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Alpha ABS

Active Battle System with great functionality

The main idea of mechanics of the battle system (hereinafter ABS) borrows from the game <World of Warcraft>. To perform combat actions, you must have a target. But supports not target skills too. Every battle action (item, spell, weapon attack) is implemented using a special skill (ABS Skill).

The basic concept of actions is based on 4 types of ABS Skill

     “Instant”  – performed on target.  Preferred for melee weapons.

<World of Warcraft> example: Agony

     “Vector” – It creates an projectile object (a vector), which will follow to the target (or direction) and performed when hit target. Preferred for projectiles skills or weapons (like Bow).

<World of Warcraft> example: Frostbolt

       “Circle”– creates the rounded area (circle), performed on all the objects that be in area.

<World of Warcraft> example: Blizzard

       “Zone” – creates a certain zone in the direction of use, performed on all the objects that be in area.

<World of Warcraft> example: Cone-of-cold

ABS Skills have special parameters, combine that allows you create a unique spells. Main difference between ABS skills it is special rules of combination of parameters.

Skills types overview
* skills types overview video from Alpha ABS v.1.0. Since then, the combat system has undergone many visual changes and technical improvements


  • Easy to use, very customizable active battle system

  • Constant updates, support from the developer, a large community

  • Very friendly to other plugins, compatible with 90% plugins (included almost all Yanfly's plugins)

  • Flexible UI system. Each element can be edited, configurated, removed or added new one.

  • Embedded in-game Enemies editor

  • Extra components for your game: visual grid inventory, skills window, status window

  • Powerful animation system "AnimaX" with documentation and examples

  • Extra gameplay elements: fog of war, tower defense, landmines and traps, second battle system

  • AI system: party members and summon units - will fight on your side, support you (heal, buff) and collection loots for you

  • Visual equipment's system - change appear of your character changing armor or weapons

  • And very very more cool features...

How to Use

Alpha ABS plugin Wiki

User Manual (deprecated, but good for start)

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