Simple Fishing plugin

Simple Fishing. Update 1.1. What’s new?

Vertical mode

In update 1.1 you can setup Vertical mode for progress and game gauges (via Plugin Parameters)

Fishing Spot Icon

You can add animated icon above fishing spot

Just add comment fishingSpot:IMAGE_NAME,FRAMES_COUNT to Event

(You can use animated icons with any events for any purposes, not only for fishing spots)

Updated default graphics

Default graphics (and default visual settings in plugin parameters) is updated

(old images moved to img/pSimpleFishing/old folder)

Extra fish images

Added 9 extra images for fish

New Script Calls

  • Added Script Calls: GetCaughtFishId(), GetMissedFishId(), CurrentFishId()

  • Added Script Call: InitFishingGame(true); – for quick start fishing game without bait and rod setup


  • Fixed bug: incorrect calculation of the chances of the appearance of different fishes
  • Fixed bug: game crush if Rod of Bait not found (not sets in variables)
  • Fixed bug: MV version only. Game crush if file gameBarBack.png didn’t have time to load up before the start fishing mini-game