? Simple Quests System. Update 1.4. What’s new?

Auto Navigation System

Create links between maps for automatically create and show path to next task destination

Instead of create pointer settings for each map to show path for current task, you can setup links between all maps (just set event ID that transfer from one map to another) once and all pointers will be create path automatically and guide player to task goal\destination.

Guide here:

First, you need add one Pointer per Quest task for quest will be allowed for activation (and show pointer on map)

Second, you need create map links, like set how can player get to Map A, Map B, etc.

Third, set Auto Navigation plugin parameter to ON (true)

Plugin will automatically show path to task goal through all linked maps.

New Plugin Parameters

  • Auto Complete – Is auto complete quest if all tasks of this quest is completed?
  • Button for Tasks Window – Button for open or close on map tasks window
  • Auto Navigation – Is use new auto navigation system?

  • On Completed CE – Common Event called when you complete this quest

New Script Calls

SQSM.RefreshMapQuestsList(); – refresh quests map task window
SQSM.ShowMapQuestsList(); – show quests map task window
SQSM.HideMapQuestsList(); – hide quests map task window


  • Improved quest description text auto word wrap for RPG Maker MV