VPlayer. Update 1.5. Changelog.

New Script Calls

  • SetVAnimSoundOnTime(ID, TIME_IN_FRAMES, SE_FILENAME); – Play SE sound in TIME_IN_FRAMES during animation played

  • SetVAnimCurrentPlayTime(ID, TIME_IN_SECONDS); – animation will start play from TIME_IN_SECONDS time

  • GetVAnimCurrentPlayTime(ID); – returns current play time (in seconds)

New Plugin Commands

This plugin commands only for MZ, in MV, use script calls instead

  • Add Time Action – for SetVAnimSCOnTime and SetVAnimCEOnTime script calls

  • Sound Effect – for SetVAnimSoundOnTime script call

  • Set Start Time – for SetVAnimCurrentPlayTime

Usage example:

New Notetags (for Enemies)

<gifMargins:X,Y> – add extra margins for GIF animation

<onUseSkillGIF_ID:NAME> – play animation (NAME) when enemy using skill ID


  • Fixed bug in RPG Maker MV, animated battleback image appears in front of other graphic

  • Added localization to Russian