VPlayer. Update 1.6

VPlayer Update 1.6 Changelog

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Guide
    A comprehensive guide has been included to help users navigate and utilize VPlayer more effectively.

  • Dynamic Battleback Animation
    The script call (plugin command) SetVAnimBattleBack(FILE_NAME, OFFSET_X, OFFSET_Y) allows for dynamic changes to the battleback animation during battle.

    • FILE_NAME: The name of the file to be used for the battleback animation.
    • OFFSET_X: Horizontal offset for the animation.
    • OFFSET_Y: Vertical offset for the animation.
  • Adjust Animation Volume
    A new script call (plugin command) AdjustVAnimVolume(ID, VOLUME, DURATION) has been added to change the volume of an animation.

    AdjustVAnimVolume(ID, VOLUME, DURATION)
    • ID: The identifier of the animation.
    • VOLUME: The target volume level.
    • DURATION: The duration over which the volume change occurs.
  • Change Animation Playback Speed
    The script call (plugin command) ChangeVAnimPlaySpeed(ID, SPEED) is now available to adjust the playback speed of an animation.

    ChangeVAnimPlaySpeed(ID, SPEED)
    • ID: The identifier of the animation.
    • SPEED: The new playback speed for the animation.
  • GIF Animation Support in Battle
    Added the ability to play GIF animations instead of Effekseer animations during battles. This feature is exclusive to MZ.