Extended loot plugin

? Extended Loot. Update 1.2. Changelog


  • Added script call: VPU_setShouldShow(true|false) – to temprorary disable or enable PopUp’s (if you want give to player some quests items for example and not shown PopUp)
  • Added new plugin parameter: Max Length – you can limit items name text for not create too long PopUp’s
  • Fixed compatibility bug with Map Inventory BASIC plugin
  • Fixed bug: visual drop not works after save\load game
  • Fixed bug: if there are several items with different names, the popup background is misaligned
  • Fixed bug: visual drop items are higher than screen dimming and tinting
  • Fixed bug: chance comment works wrong
  • Fixed bug: visual drop items transfering to other map
  • Fixed bug: armors and weapons with same ID as Gold Item can be given as gold


Added new images for chest header and .psd file [only for PRO version of plugin]