map inventory plugin

Map Inventory [MV, MZ]

Tier 1

Map Inventory

Visual Map Inventory on map (grid inventory)

ūüď¶ v 2.0 (19.09.2021)


  • New: Gamepad support
  • New: Addition weapons and equipment’s parameters (SP, EX) (PRO)
  • New: Addition custom weapons and equipment’s descriptions (PRO)
  • New: Items name color matching Quality System level color
    (see new Plugin Parameters)
  • New: Added show and hide Map Inventory UI script calls
  • Fixed: Battle Test from RPG Maker Editor not works with Map Inventory Plugin
  • Fixed: Sticky inventory (chest) windows when dragging
  • Added support for: Alpha NET Z multiplayer plugin
  • Added support for: Alpha ABS Z active battle system plugin
  • Some small fixes and changes

ūüď¶ v 1.9 (11.05.2021)


  • New: Limited Cells System (PRO)
  • New: Plugin commands for MZ
  • Plugin parameter: Description static position?
    (allows you set static position for description windows)
  • New: Items now supports multiple types
    (for example: Weapon|Tool)
  • New: You can set custom icons for diffirent chests
    (script call MISetIconForChest)
  • Fixed: Take All button and Gold Item bug
  • Some small fixes and changes

ūüď¶ v 1.8 (02.02.2021)


  • ¬†Added extra items descriptions
  • ¬†Added Throw Out feature (PRO)
  • ¬†More comfortable plugin parameters
  • ¬†Bug fixes and small changes

ūüď¶ v 1.7 (23.11.2020)


  • ¬†Now you can change inventory size
  • ¬†Plugin parameter: Use custom size of cells?
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†(allows you change cells size and count per page)
  • ¬†New: Change Gold event command now works with visual chests
  • ¬†Plugin parameter: Gold Item
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†(you can add gold as item in visual chests)
  • ¬†New: Using images instead icons (PRO)
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†(see also new plugin parameter: Icons images in Windows?)
  • ¬†Bug fixes and small changes

ūüď¶ v 1.6 (09.10.2020)


  • ¬†New: Hot Items System (PRO)
  • ¬†New: Chests item drop chance (PRO)
  • ¬†Some small fixes and changes

ūüď¶ v 1.5 (09.09.2020)


  • ¬†Added MZ Support
  • ¬†Fixed: Weight is not taken into account when you using standard Event Change Items (and etc.) commands
  • ¬†New: Limited Types Stored Chests (PRO)
  • ¬†New: Equipments statistic table
  • ¬†New: Now you can create empty Stored chests (PRO)
  • ¬†Some small fixes and changes

ūüď¶ v 1.4 (05.08.2020)


  • ¬†* – New: Items Quality System
  • ¬†*¬†–¬†New:¬†Screen¬†Button¬†for¬†open¬†Inventory¬†(PRO)
  • ¬†*¬†–¬†Improvements¬†to¬†Item¬†Weight¬†System¬†(PRO)
    • ¬†*¬†¬†¬†¬†–¬†Notify¬†when¬†inventory¬†is¬†overweight
    • ¬†*¬†¬†¬†¬†–¬†Auto¬†State¬†when¬†inventory¬†is¬†overweight¬†(optional)
    • ¬†*¬†¬†¬†¬†–¬†Slowdown¬†movement¬†speed¬†when¬†inventory¬†is¬†overweight¬†(optional)
    • ¬†*¬†¬†¬†¬†–¬†You¬†can¬†create¬†equipments¬†that’s¬†rise¬†inventory¬†max¬†weight
    • ¬†*¬†¬†¬†¬†–¬†You¬†can¬†create¬†consumable¬†items¬†that’s¬†rise¬†inventory¬†max¬†weight¬†permanently
  • ¬†*¬†–¬†Added¬†new¬†Script¬†Calls
  • ¬†*¬†–¬†Some¬†small¬†fixes¬†and¬†changes

ūüď¶ v 1.3 (10.07.2020)


  • ¬†New: Possibility to delete unnecessary categories
  • ¬†New: Added restriction for dragging windows by mouse to out of screen
  • ¬†New: Now you can devide count when moving items between storages (RPO)
  • ¬†New: Added items weights system (PRO)
  • ¬†Fixed: Inventory is closing when player use item with Common Event calls
  • ¬†Some small fixes and changes

ūüď¶ v 1.2 (05.06.2020)


  • New: Description text auto word wrap
  • ¬†New: Support up to 8 party members (PRO)
  • ¬†New: Direct using items with ‘None’ scope
  • ¬†New: Select a party member when equip armors or weapons
  • ¬†New: HP, MP, TP gauges (PRO)
  • ¬†Improved Items sorting (now by ID, then by occasion)
  • ¬†Fixed: Items no longer disappear from the chest(or storage) if you take more than possible (max items)
  • ¬†Improved YEP_ItemCore compability

ūüď¶ v 1.1 (23.04.2020)


  • New:¬†Script¬†calls¬†for¬†work¬†with¬†Player¬†Storage
  • New:¬†Select¬†a¬†party¬†member¬†when¬†using¬†items
  • New:¬†Move¬†items¬†from¬†inventory¬†to¬†StoredChest
  • Improved¬†checking¬†of¬†the¬†conditions¬†of¬†use¬†of¬†the¬†items

ūüď¶ v 1.0 (16.03.2020)

  • Release



  • Gamepad control support

  • 25 items on page, support multi pages

  • Items separated on categories

  • From inventory you can Equip items or use it

  • You can drag inventory window by Mouse

  • Supports items description with escape characters

  • Chests and storages system (create visual chests, storable chests, typed chests, chests with random loot or player own storage) (PRO only)

  • Items weight system (each item have own weight, player have maximum weight capacity) (PRO only)

  • Support party members (use items and equips on any party member)

  • Support big party (up to 8) (PRO only)

  • Configurable screen button to open \ close inventory (PRO only)

  • Items Quality System (each item have own quality level, easy for player to determinate the value of the item, different item look for each quality level)

  • Equipment's stats tables (you can see how character stats will changes when you equip or unequip any item, see each equipment item stats separately)

  • "Hot items" system (player favorite items just on screen) (PRO only)

  • Extra descriptions and SP, EX parameters for equipments (PRO only)

  • Random Loot System (PRO only)

How to Use

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Chests and player storage
Items weight system
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Equipment's stats tables
Items Quality
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Throw Out items
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Extra Equipments Parameters
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