? Item Quality System

Item Quality System is a feature of Map Inventory that can differ the rarity of the item with a specific note tag by giving it a border that represents their rarity. To activate the item quality system, first, you have to make sure that the parameter for item quality is active.

Item Quality Param

Getting Started



  • Item Quality Level is defined in the setting file located in the ?/data/PKD_MapInventorySettings.json
    You can add a new Quality Level and give it a Text color. Item Quality Level has an index started from 0, for example in the picture:

    • Basic has an index of 0
    • Good has an index of 1
    • Rare has an index of 2
    • Epic has an index of 3
  • Image for Item Quality were located in the ?/img/pMapInventory/
    Image for Item Quality have a naming rule: QualityLevel_X.png (Where X is the index for the quality level that I mentioned earlier)
    For example in the picture:

    • For Basic the image will be QualityLevel_0.png
    • For Good the image will be QualityLevel_1.png
    • For Rare the image will be QualityLevel_2.png
    • For Epic the image will be QualityLevel_3.png
  • Lastly, you just have to add a note tag to your item correspond with the index of the item quality. For example in the picture:
    • Basic` note tag will be `<itemRare:0>
    • Good` note tag will be `<itemRare:1>
    • Rare` note tag will be `<itemRare:2>
    • Epic` note tag will be `<itemRare:3>

Author: Zekkent